The Three Year Old Program

Our “Threes “ program is for children who will turn three by December 1st.

This age group is smart, happy, funny and ever so curious. Our program includes hands on exploration, cooking, smelling, tasting and water play. All these experiences encourage critical thinking.

  • Water and block play develop early math concepts as children build, measure, sift, pour and experiment.
  • Large motor play involves the entire body through climbing, dancing, jumping and balancing. Healthy physical activity builds muscles and confidence and encourages healthy mental skills.
  • Art activities use a variety of colors, textures and materials to appeal to the senses. At the same time, the creative process encourages problem solving and personal expression.
  • Social skills such as learning to play with a peer, sharing a toy in the group, using listening ears during story time and using words to solve a conflict are necessary aspects for any child in this age group.

Our three-year-old program has all this and more!