The Four Year Old Program

Our four-year-old program brings a child to the next level of learning.




We believe children’s thinking develops through activity-based learning. They make scientific discoveries while digging for dinosaur bones, using a thermometer in water, deciding what sinks or floats and mixing colors at the easel.

Our monthly units include visits from community helpers such as a pediatric dentist, a local firefighter, a police officer and a doctor or nurse. Children also get to explore a park as a Native American Indian, ride a train, experience a working farm and visit a local supermarket.

They have the opportunity to experiment with literacy and math by creating their own books, using words, pictures, and numbers. Fours are encouraged to write their name, to the best of their ability, on projects and artwork. Social interactions continue to help the child resolve conflicts, work together on projects and communicate with peers.

All of this is done through play. Play is fun and interesting, which makes school a place where children look forward to spending their time.