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Our nursery school is child centered and developmentally oriented. The curriculum incorporates the NYS Learning Standards so children will be prepared for school. Children are encouraged to learn at their own pace through hands-on experiences.

Play is a valuable part of the learning process. Through play, children learn to share, socialize, imagine and gain the self-confidence to be successful in school.

To that end, we foster an environment for group and individual exploration through various activities:

  • Children develop their imagination and a love of reading through daily story sharing, dramatic play, puppets and storytelling.
  • Creativity is stimulated through art and music experiences using a variety of media formats.
  • Math skills are developed through building, puzzles and cooking.
  • Science activities include water table explorations, cooking, planting, growth and health.
  • Daily physical activity takes place in the indoor “Large Muscle Room” or the outdoor playground.

Field trips expand the nursery school experience. Typically, our children visit with community helpers on walking trips in town and experience the Suffolk County Farm. They also ride the Long Island Railroad, reenact a Native American pow-wow at Gardiner’s Park and sail boats that they have built at Brookwood Hall.